°1983 in Leuven, Belgium.

Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.


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It was a moment of collective amnesia,… The dismantlement of the intellectuals’ cabin,.. Yes, I am growing my hair...
The other Conrad I know is a man of extremes, sweet and mean, sentimental and cynical, boyish and manly... He refused to open his eyes, said just leave me be, and that he wanted to remain in that place
Selfportrait picturing myself in a couple of years, making the most of my daydream, putting everything I have on the table with a theatrical boredom that says I 'll be a hero even if I lose. Self-portrait as a hypochondriac #2, wearing my pj’s like a prison uniform, chained to my bed and my potentially fatal diseases ... Reclining half nude in a wheelbarrow in the back of my girlfriend’s garden, not doing the gardening I’m supposed to do, feeling detached from passing time ...
I have just met the woman Conrad calls the love of his life ... Self-portrait as a young Ellsworth Kelly ... Self-portrait as a human being, almost classically baroque in style ...
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