°1983 in Leuven, Belgium.

Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.


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Some part of me knew something was out of joint... So after our fight, I spent a month in a sleazy hotel room, calling room service seven times a day, ordering ice-cream I didn’t even feel like... Why do you even bother, she asks with that smug smile I have seen all too often...
The so-called Splash Face Series was in fact a coincidence... The shadow hides away my silly expression, a sulky disney pout, watery eyes with a dot of reflected light All his days are about the same. He wakes up at 11 or 12 eats cereal or toast, reads the newspaper, looks out the front door, takes a walk, listens to the radio, watches sitcom reruns till 1and usually falls asleep about 2.
Walter here. I’m really sorry, Rinus, but I don’t think your concept is watertight. It’s about concentration.  Nothing to do with your presupposed and most likely family taught ideas... At times it is dry, at times it is cold; I try to get away, south-west bound
Do not look into the eyes too long, do not concentrate on the dizziness you feel coming up ... The third time I met the guy they used to call the triangle, he finally gave me what I had been asking for the last two times Untitled
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